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The Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe is known for being mountainous hence the name, “Kumakomoyo”. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Zimbabwe and should be included in one`s tourism bucket list. This rare gem is clustered with world places and resorts, magnificent views which bring about unforgettable and exhilarating experiences. Here are five good reasons why you should visit the Eastern Highlands:

1. The Natural Environment

The place is very mountainous, with some ranges stretching for over 300km. It also has deep gorges and tumbling waterfalls for example, Nyangombe and Mutarazi Falls. There are also serene lakes where you can relax, enjoy a good
picnic or even hire a boat. The mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and fresh air, make the Eastern Highlands the perfect destination for an ideal holiday experience.

2. The Beautiful Climate

This destination has a cool climate, perfect for relaxation and is therapeutic too. Like a scene from the movies, the mornings and evenings are often misty. The Eastern Highlands is indeed the perfect place to take a break from the hum‑drum of life.

3. The Wildlife

The Eastern Highlands being a unique habitat, is home to many species of flora and fauna for example, the Nyanga National Park is home to the samango monkeys, the blue duikers, leopards, hyenas, waterbucks, wildebeests and many other animals. Over 400 species of birds are either resident to the Eastern Highlands or migrate from North Africa or Eurasia mainly during the October – April period.

Did you know? The Samango monkeys and the Blue Duiker are only found in The Eastern Highlands. Cool right?

4. The Adventure

There are so many activities to do in the Eastern Highlands depending on your interests, vigor and adrenaline rush, for example, sky walking and zip lining. Great scenic drives are ideal due to the rolling terrain which also provides fantastic
walking trails. There are also historical sites for site seeing which are also good for educational tours. Other activities offered are birding, kayaking, golf, horse riding, fishing, camping, hiking and many more.

5. The People

Manicaland has a rich culture and its natives (for example, The Manyika and The Ndau people) are very welcoming. They give you a sense of belonging, thus creating a home away from home environment.

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